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Bouquet Pietra Dura Table Top

Product Information
Brand Black
LED Color Pietra Dura Table
Style Bouquet Pietra Dura Table Top

Why Should I Exfoliate?

Our body sheds dead skin cells regularly. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells on the skin surface, unclog the pores, prevents acne, removes excess oil, and boosts circulation, giving you glowy skin.

How Is Green Coffee Scrub Better Than Homemade Scrub?

The green coffee scrub with foaming agents is a healthy treat for your skin. Comprising cleansing and nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, roasted coffee beans and walnuts, this scrub helps in cellulite treatment, adds healthy hydration, exfoliates away impurities, removes tan and flaky patches.

How Many Times Do I Scrub In A Week?

It is advised to scrub your skin twice a week. You can clean your skin any time of the day, but it is good to body scrub early in the morning when your skin is fresh after sleep. You can also scrub your skin when you have gone through a rough day and you feel abundant dust or dirt has settled on your body. Don’t forget to nourish your skin after scrubbing.

Is The Product Safe For All Skin Types?

The green coffee scrub is made using only pure natural products. All the products are organic and no chemical is used in the product. Thus it is very unlikely to experience itchiness or skin irritation after using this product.

Makes Skin Breathable

Infused with French green clay, bentonite clay, & raw green coffee, this scrub unclogs the skin pore, controls sebum production & prevents acne breakouts.

Provides A Radiant Look

This natural green coffee scrub gently exfoliates and polishes your skin, stimulates skin cell turnover and makes your skin feel irresistibly smooth!

Removes Tan And Reduces Cellulite

With a blend of coconut oil and roasted coffee, the raw green scrub soothes your tan and treats cellulite, giving you bright, glowing skin.

Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

Infused with highly nourishing ingredients like shea butter, and argon oil, the body scrub tones your skin and moisturizes it.

Say Bye To Ageing

Packed with the natural goodness of antioxidants, this scrub fights against free radicals, and slows down the aging process, giving you a youthful look.

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